Product Features

  • Multi-Mode Multi-Core 

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption Flexible and Flexible Chip Architecture

  • Customizable Functions
    at all levels

Disruptive Product

  • Absolute leadership in performance
  • Continue to cultivate in advanced communication technology
  • Ability to integrate IoT trillion-level fragmented market
  • All technologies are independently developed by the foundation, and competitors are IP licensing models

Self-developed Underlying Architecture for Multi-mode Sharing

  • The research and development route is clear, without detours, forming an early lead in cost
  • Strong execution, R & D and engineering capabilities have been reflected
  • The first generation of chips has reached mass production, and customer products are scattered in various consumer Internet of Things applications
  • WIFI6 second-generation chips have been mass-produced, expanding their application to a wider range of IoT fields

Integration Services

  • Provide developers with a quick and easy entry point for developing IoT applications
  • Provide a complete IoT product application function reference module
  • Provides enhanced interposer software on top of the Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Modular design architecture to meet different needs of IoT developers
  • Provides an easy configuration mechanism for different applications
  • Provides an IoT cloud framework to facilitate developers to interface with public or private clouds
  • Provide IoT practical examples to assist developers in rapid development

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