Tiny Joule Device Connectivity

Opulinks’s AlwaysAliveLink® module not only can readily connect to popular cloud platform such as AWS, Tuya or Ewelink, it took tiny energy in doing so as it is extremely low power.  For battery powered device, it is no longer limited to use of Zigbee or BLE to gateway first, it can directly connect to WiFi router and the internet.   This greatly reduces development complexity and time.  It allows any device where staying online and always alive are essential to be the true “IoT”.

Application Ready Connectivity

  • Smart Door Lock

    Opulinks supports AlwaysAliveLink ® technology which is always connected to the cloud server directly (without gateway or smart speaker) and always online (supports cloud-initiated task) instead event or trigger based on the device.  Opl2500 maintains cloud sever connection with add on PaaS/ SaaS without any interaction from the host MCU and can be used as the sleep/wake manager for the entire system.  For simple locks such as deadbolt lock, no external MCU is required.

  • Low Power Sensors

    Opulinks has complete solution that can connect to AWS, Tua, or Ewelink without any code change and it can also be upgradable to support Matter as well.  The solution uses AlwaysAliveLink® technology which is always connected to the cloud server with add on PaaS/ SaaS directly (without gateway or smart speaker) and always online (supports cloud-initiated task) instead event or trigger based on the device.  This is different from BLE/Zigbee where it does not rely on gateway, and it is hassle free.  Battery life with 2 AAA batteries can last up to 1 year depending on the usage.  M25P module is available to support both PCB antenna and external antenna and can be easily integrated in your product and be an IoT device with no effort.

  • Tracker

    Opulinks tracker solution opens physical links (WiFi/BLE) raw data to application level where it can enhance location or tracking performance.  Extremely low power active RX current is remarkably beneficial for battery-based tracker.  On chip MCU with DSP engine can also be used to support edge computing with customer's algorithm.
    WiFI SSID-based Wi-Fi locationing is less power hungry than GPS/GNSS and more accurate especially in areas where there is bad GPS reception, like in city centers or inside buildings.


Comparing to event triggered WiFi connection to the server, AlwaysAliveLink® excels with the following three features:

  1. Bi-directional Access Control - IoT devices can be remotely controlled and monitor from any place that has internet.
  2. Real-time notifications - IoT devices offer true online security in real time alerting any unusual activities including anti-temper and power/internet outage.
  3. True remote service management – Only with AlwaysAliveLink®, more sensor data can be centrally managed and more devices with AlwaysAliveLink® can be aggregated to provide higher value and better service.

For example, a simple smart lock and a simple sensor with AlwaysAliveLink® can be used to deploy highly efficient/cost effective Airbnb rental portal for single or multi dwellings.

微耗能Matter 方案
Tiny Joule Matter

Matter is an industry-unifying standard that provides reliable and secure connectivity for smart-home devices. It is an IP-based connectivity protocol that works on Wi-Fi with BLE being used for commissioning. The Matter standard is defined by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in association with all the industry leaders.

Opulinks focuses only on ultra low power Wi-Fi/BLE Matter enabled smart home devices (battery powered).  Opulinks's Zero-Touch modules is ready-made, plug-and-play solution for building essential smart-home devices, such as smart lock, door/window sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, and smoke/CO2 detector.

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